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Opening up a business and running a business is no easy task. Many people open up a new business not knowing what it takes to make it successful and end up repeating a lot of mistakes that others made, but what if you could avoid those mistakes? Wouldn't that strengthen your chances of succeeding in fulfilling your dream? This is why we provide business coaching for our customers. We recognize that in order for us to run a successful business we need our customers to be successful. The more successful foodservice businesses we help open up the more sales we make in the long run. In other words by us helping you earn more money makes you the customer happy and us happy, which is our ultimate goal! Let's earn money together!

What Kind Of Business Life Coaching Do We Offer?

1) Self Inquiry - This method of coaching helps us guide you to knowing yourself through a guided self inquiry and naked observation of who and what we truly are here and now. This helps you let go of all kinds of limiting beliefs that are untrue and are holding you back from highest potential! In the light of knowing ourselves no other limiting belief can ever contaminate us ever again. Knowing ourselves helps us get rid of our ego, which is our idea we have developed of ourselves and point us to THAT I AM, which is aware of our identity and our experience. Ego is the #1 cause why many great businesses fail. Don't let ego stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Awaken to who and what you are NOW! 

2) Toxic Cleansing - Once we are clear on who and what we are and got all those nasty limiting beliefs out of the way it is time to bring our attention to our personal lives. Toxic people, environments, and wrong information can create major problems and even make, or break your business. No matter how much we try to separate our personal lives from our business lives the two are interconnected; therefore, when one goes down so does the other. Here we will help you become more aware of the kind of environment you're in, the type of people you surround yourself with, as well as the type of information you are letting into your subconscious mind on a daily basis so you can begin to make the necessary changes to ensure your success.

3) Growth - Now that you're awakened to yourself and got all the toxicities out of the way we can now focus on growth! In order to grow we cannot be in fear. This is why we need to get ourselves to a healthy conscious, mental, emotional, and physical state first before we can focus on our growth. The business doesn't run itself. We run the business; therefore, we must be in tip top condition to run our business efficiently. Here we will help point you in the right direction by changing your focus from saving to revenue growing. This entire section will strictly work on destroying and rebuilding your perception for success.

4) Massive Action - Here is where everything that you've awakened to and worked on comes into play. The new you will now be anchor free in taking the right necessary actions to get to your desired goal. In this final part we will guide you to making your new action plan, and on how to make new conscious calculated decisions that will determine your path for success to make your dream become a reality!

Business Life Coaching Solutions Rates

PHONE CALL - Life Coaching Session $3 Per Minute

VIDEO CALL - Life Coaching Session $6 Per Minute

IN PERSON - Life Coaching Session $9 Per Minute

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